peace pilgrim

peace pilgrimDuring the state testing last week, our school hosted author visits in the afternoons. It was a great mental break for the kids after a long day of testing and I was happily surprised to find the books catch my interest as well. One, in particular, really intrigued me. The author is a jersey shore native [as is the real-life protagonist of the biographical novel] which adds an unexpected hometown-pride aspect to this review. While I’m certainly no history buff I was surprised to have never even heard of this woman,  peace pilgrim,  before.  She walked her talk against peace during a time of terrifying unrest and immense change for our country – starting right after the second world war and continuing through the 1980’s. It’s a book for young adults – aiming primarily at the 5th and 6th grade reading level but as long as you can look past the child-like story details, it’s a great book. And while times have certainly changed since her death in 1981 I hope that the kindness and generosity of the people who gave peace pilgrim a warm bed and hot food during her crusade still lives on in us today.

Purchase it herepeace pilgrim 2


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