Sh*t My Dad Says

ShitMyDadSaysBook1An absence like the one I just took shouldn’t go undiscussed I guess right? Life lately has gotten a little crazy – from what I understand, wedding planning brings out the crazy in all families and our wedding planning experience is certainly no different. In addition to that, I’m in the process of looking into a total career change for myself and while it’s certainly a terrifying experience, its also an exhilarating one. I dug deep into the depths of my bookshelves this week because I needed something that really would allow me to escape. There wasn’t much time for reading this week so I wanted something that I could get into quickly and have a couple laughs. Sh*t My Dad Says is the funniest book out there right now. I will not allow you to have a single opinion about this book that connects with the ex-TV show of the same name. [The book’s amazing, the TV show was an embarrassment.] It’s a collection of short stories retelling the real-life advice given by the author’s father.  I’ve read it a bunch of times and although I don’t plan on becoming a parent anytime soon this book is an example of exactly the type of parent I’d like to be – loving, open-minded, and downright hilarious.


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