Although not nearly as fun as some of the decorating and diy projects that come with new home ownership, I’m learning that organization is equally as important. This, from a person who separates her paperclips into three distinct sizes and color coordinates her closet according to ROYGBIV. I recognize that a number of my organizational projects are unnecessary, but every so often I amaze myself at the ideas I have – and the help they’ve given me in the seemingly never-ending process of setting up a first home.

Organize 6Create an “our home” handbook I know it sounds hokey, and it is –  if you actually call it the our home handbook. We started calling it “that thing” which was then upgraded to “the binder” and is now just “the handbook”. All the not-so-important important stuff goes in here: warranty information, receipts for major appliances, extra cords,  nails, and all that. It’s the thing that you never want to need, and certainly don’t have time to make, but when you come home and there’s 3 inches of water in the kitchen and the newly installed dishwasher has that guilty look on its face…you’ll be glad you did.

Organize 4Organize 5

Organize 3When in doubt, buy a shoe rack and a basket As of last count, I am the proud owner of 3 shoe racks, and not a single one of them holds shoes. Using them to store cleaning supplies, like in the last picture below, was my single greatest idea to date. Baskets are another great way to store all your stuff in plain sight. I have one for medicine, one for hair products, another for accessories [definition difference: hairspray is a product, bobby pins are an accessory. I split them into separate baskets because I’m crazy.] Our cable wires for the television and surround sound are stored in another basket, which also doubles as an ottoman when we have company, and yet one more holds  my decoration necessities [extra LED tea lights – my strangest decorating addiction to date, batteries, and the like]

Organize 7


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