guys being girls

I have an extreme fear of the entire process of having a child – beginning with pregnancy and leading all the way up to actual childbirth. I struggle with things that I don’t follow some form of logic and, well, there are major logistical holes in this situation. I’ll spare you with the details of my questions but I’ve posed them to numerous doctors in the past and each time I’m met with some version of the female body is capable of amazing things, isn’t it? Well maybe some female bodies are but trust me, mine is not. Or will not be – when the time comes. Doctors always laugh at this and tell me to trust them. No, seriously. Considering I’m the only person living inside this body I think that you should trust me when I say I’m not capable of this nonsense.

Apparently, not everyone shares this viewpoint with me. These two guys thought their wives were overreacting to the pain of childbirth and decided to put this theory to the test. The wives reaction is priceless.


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