memoirs of an imaginary friend

Memoirs ImaginaryDid you have an imaginary friend growing up? I did…her name was bubbles and while I remember her in very specific detail, no one else does – even my mother. I guess I kept her very secret, or else didn’t have her for very long. Now that I’ve read this book, I feel very sorry for bubbles. I didn’t know any better! I wish I had kept you around…

The narrator of this book is Budo, the imaginary friend of a little boy who is “on the spectrum”. Because of Max’s social difficulties, Budo has been around longer than most imaginary friends who, he says, usually get killed by Kindergarten (I love that it gets capitalized in the book…as though kindergarten is a thing that can go around and kill people.) I guess I owe bubbles another apology because I know she didn’t live long enough to see Kindergarten. I’m pretty sure she was killed by New Baby Brother, which might be even worse than kindergarten. While Max is in the third grade something very terrible happens to him and Budo must choose between two impossible choices. It’s a new spin on an age-old topic, exploring what true friendship really means and the sacrifices one is willing to take for their best friend.  It will probably make you cry but those wonderful, heart-warming tears and besides, if you read it on the beach you can keep your sunglasses on and no one will even see you cry. =)

Happy Reading!


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