from baghdad, with love

From BaghdadI’m not sure what made me pick up this book. I was at Barnes & Noble picking up fresh, new copies of all the books I decided were necessary to be on display on the downstairs book shelf. [I succeeded in that mission, and am very proud of the final product. More on that next week]. Something about From Baghdad with Love reached out to me and I had to buy it. While it won’t be finding a permanent home on the downstairs bookshelf, it was certainly worth the read. [In fact, not a single one of the books on that bookshelf have been reviewed during my weekend book reviews; a fact that appalls me and will no longer be true starting next Friday.] It’s a quick, heart-warming read – perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon at the beach or pool. And to Lieutenant Colonel Jay Kopelman, and all the other soldiers, journalists, and reporters still in the Middle East: I send my prayers to you for a quick and safe return. From America, With Love.

From Baghdad ThenFrom Baghdad Now                              Lt.Col Jay Kopelman and Lava – then & now


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