summer bucket list

WPAfter the winter + spring we had here in Jersey,  summer seems to know better than to mess with us right now. The first official weekend of summer lived up to its hype: eighty -plus degree weather, a backyard barbeque, a few hours at the beach, and just a few apple champagne cocktails. We also managed to fit in a comedy show, the beginnings of our wedding registry, and [finally] choosing a bridesmaid dress. Here’s a few more things on my summer 2013 bucket list:

Go to an outdoor concert Living so close to this and this, there’s really no excuse. We saw DMB a few weeks ago and it reminded me just how much better a concert is when you’re listening to it outside.

Relax Usually this isn’t something I have to remind myself to do. But with both of us [hopefully] starting new jobs this summer/fall, plus our wedding in less than three months, relaxing isn’t something I think I’ll be doing much of.

Perfect the art of a champagne cocktail Out with friends, a champagne cocktail is the first thing I will go for but I’ve yet to make my own.

Get [back] into running Looking back at pictures from a friends wedding this weekend [during which I was training for a half-marathon I never actually ran in] reminded me exactly how out of shape I am. Time to fix that.

Any other suggestions? What does your summer bucket list look like?BBQjust a random picture from this weekend. cutest little boy i know with a bouquet of weeds =)


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