wedding stressRecently, I discussed some of my most useful organizational tips for around the home. And while it’s true that I can get crazily into organization, sometimes I’m too organized for my own good. Like, for example,  back in May when I thought about this summer and how crazy it’s going to be [new job + planning a wedding in less than four months] I decided to write up a couple of blog posts in advance for “emergencies”. Typically, I’m not a fan of this because my writing process is more of a feeling thing than a writing thing and I can’t feel what I feel until I’m feeling it [ GIRLS fans, that’s one of my favorite Hannah-ism’s] but I knew this summer was going to be crazy and I get personally offended when my favorite bloggers go AWOL for a few days so I decided to be pro-active. Until I take an impromptu road trip with my brother to Wisconsin [don’t ask], and totally forget that I ever made these “emergency” posts and then come home and have a four day long panic attack about all the things I haven’t done. Such as, find an officiant [so as of right now all I’m doing is throwing a massive party in September. Nobody’s marrying anyone] and create invitations [because of course I need to make them myself. And of course they need to go out by the end of this month. And of course I haven’t started them yet] and register [which is the one thing I did manage to cross off the list. My MOH and mother were about ready to kill me. Which, come to think of it, would have been a convenient solution to this wedding stress]. 

So you might ask what about those posts I created three months ago for times such as these. What posts? Emergency posts – now that’s a good idea.


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