come back

Come backThis summer I haven’t been able to do as much reading as is usual during the summer months. The infinite hours spent laying around, book in hand, have been replaced with the nuances of wedding planning. The silver lining here is, since I don’t have time to read just about anything, I’m being much more selective in my process and damn, are my instincts good. Come Back
is a book about  a daughter, forced to grow up way too fast, who falls into the deep end of life’s swimming pool and a mother who’s endless love refuses to allow her daughter to drown. [yes, i just typed the words life’s swimming pool…I’m actually so impressed by my drama in that sentence that I’m not going to edit it out. But who am I?] A friend and I have been saying for years that we need to spend a girls night with cocaine since we were doing gods knows what, probably online shopping, the night in college when the rest of humankind was trying it. We’re joking but there’s something about that underground drug world that fascinates me – probably because I know nothing about it, and never will. Mia’s story in this book is the closest I’ll ever get to that world [and trust me, that is okay]. What I loved most was its raw honesty. It was written by both Mia and her mother and I can only imagine how harrowing the process of reliving those years were to these two people. Despite its serious tone, it’s a quick read with a happy ending – making it perfect for a day at the beach.


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