up and down

Damn, it feels good to be back. Looking back at my last post, right after my bridal shower, seems like 100 years ago. Quick life update: new job has started, wedding has ended, sanity is back in the picture. Back at my one year anniversary post I mentioned a couple new ideas for the site. I was hoping to start them much sooner than I currently am [I mean, we’re in the fall?! Like, october is next week?] but here we are. Do what you can when you can. One of my new ideas is an Up and Down series, taking a particular article of clothing or piece of jewelry and dressing it up and down. Having just gotten married last week, I thought I’d use the statement necklace I gave to all my bridesmaids to wear at my wedding as the feature piece this week. Here’s a [blurry] close up of the necklace:UpDown_wedding necklace

I’m obsessed with it. This amazing woman on Etsy made it for me – I knew about Etsy for years, I’ve purchased my fair share of baby shower gifts and bridal shower invitations on the site but it wasn’t until planning for my wedding that my relationship with Etsy got serious.  This woman, who goes by Shakira and runs the shop STH234, helped me customize this necklace to exactly the right size for my bridesmaids, even making a miniature version for my 10 year old sister to wear. The first two pictures are of my gorgeous bridesmaids the day of the wedding and then there’s a picture of me earlier this week wearing the same necklace [because of course I got one for myself as well] with leggings and a blazer for work. I feel like the possibilities with this necklace are endless – with jeans and a white t-shirt for Sunday brunch, with a long sleeved LBD as a guest at a winter wedding….What do you think?  [Sidenote: I hate the idea of taking a “selfie”. I even hate the word selfie – ugh, UGH – but until the blog budget allows for a personal photographer, this is what we’re dealing with. We’re moving on…]

UpDown_wedding necklace UP UpDown_wedding necklace UP 2

UpDown_wedding necklace DOWNUpDown_wedding necklace DOWN 2


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