nap it out

Sleepa few weeks ago, I read this article in the wall street journal on napping. Correction: I read the headline of this article from the wall street journal after clicking on a pin that came up on my pinterest feed. I pinned the article, knowing that there was no way I’d get to read it, let alone write about it, until the wedding was over. This article says the best nap is 10-20 minutes long, which I completely disagree with. It also says that people who dream during these naps are severely sleep deprived. Thank you wall street journal for proving what I have always thought. I simply require more sleep than the average person. I am just exhausted when I get 7-8 hours of sleep in a night. Not the  ooh-can’t-wait-to-sleep-good-tonight tired but the counting-down-the-minutes-until-I-can-climb-back-in-the-covers-after-work tired.  Having the luxury to allow my body its natural sleep schedule each summer when I’m not working, I find that the perfect night sleep for me is going to bed around 2am [my mind is at it’s sharpest, most creative, productive self after midnight] and waking up at 11am, or even later. People always say to me that I’m wasting the day and I really don’t feel that way at all. I get the same stuff done from 11pm-2am that a normal person would get done from 8am-11am: a load or two of laundry, a kitchen/bathroom scrubdown, organizing the hall closet. Unfortunately, my current job has me awake at 5:30am and since going to sleep before 10pm isn’t really feasible for me [try as I might!], I regularly come home and climb back into bed for an hour or two.

This article leads me to believe I’m the minority here, something I never really thought about before. Is it true? Do most other people sleep only at night for 7 hours, or less, without napping during the day? What is your sleep schedule like? I’d love to know!

|picture courtesy of travelization|


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