on [not always] being creative

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.

I came across the video in the link above about two weeks ago, and I’m pretty sure Ira Glass was talking specifically to me. Like, he entered the deepest recesses of my mind and read my thoughts that I haven’t even fully formed yet and then made this video and put it directly in my path so I could find it. He’s right – creative work is hard. And I know in my mind what I want my creative work to be, what I need it to look like and sound like so that I can be proud of it. And it’s…not that. I know it’s not that. I’m sure you, my readers, know it’s not that. I’ll spend an entire day writing a blog post in my mind and then once it get written on the screen it’s like, no. And if the post is lucky, it gets saved as a draft and stored somewhere in the depths of the wordpress online storage bin. Or, more likely, it just gets deleted.

I haven’t forgotten about you, out there. It’s like he said in the video – I know my taste and my idea’s are good, and yet there’s this gap. And to produce less than my creative best….well, it’s just easier to not create at all.  But I’m going to take Mr. Glass’s advice and just keep writing. I broke up with my blog, and all of you, and it hasn’t made me a happier or better person. So I’m coming back to ask for another chance. To work out our differences, and rekindle our relationship. And I hope you’ll take me back.

video via nyctaughtme


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