best day of the year

I’ve never been a fan of Black Friday, preferring instead to lay around in my sweatpants, catch up on DVR’d shows, and enjoy leftover turkey sandwiches. Additionally, confession alert, I don’t really know that the deals on Black Friday are better than any other holiday sale. Cyber Monday, however…well that’s a whole other situation. I can order in my pj’s after work, I don’t have to wait on any lines, I’m not driving on the roads with all the uncaged zoo animals, I’m not fighting for parking spots and, oh yeah, I’m drinking wine. Hell-o. Here’s my favorite deals this Cyber Monday, so pop open that bottle of wine and spend the last six hours of this glorious day right.

Rosetta Stone: for a company that never has a sale (kind of like ugg boots and mac makeup – annoying) they are doing it up big this year. It’s a perfect gift for the world traveler in your life and at a whopping $225 off plus free next day shipping it’s actually relatively affordable. As learning to speak Italian has been the longest standing item on my bucket list, I took Rosetta up on this offer and can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail tomorrow.

No More Rack: the best kept secret in discount nonsense. I say nonsense because I have no idea what other word to use to describe this website inventory. They have everything. As in literally every single thing you could ever want. These are my personal favorite item on the site and, having since first bought them a few months ago, I refuse to use any other sheets.

Sticky Gram: a great gift idea for almost anyone on your list. This year, I’ll be turning a number of our wedding pictures into these adorably fun magnets for our parents and grandparents, who don’t live nearby. Today only all orders are 25% off

Check out last year’s cyber monday list for other great deals and favorite places of mine – and comment below if you know of any other amazing deals out there!


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