it took me forever to read this book. Which sounds bad, really. I Am Malala is a great book, of course. I wouldn’t be talking about it if it wasn’t great. It’s just the holiday season, and the tough content in the book, it’s just taken me a really long time. If you don’t know who Malala is then, like, open a newspaper once in a while would ya? But seriously, she’s this sixteen year old from Pakistan who was writing a blog about life under the Taliban rule and the Taliban didn’t like it so they shot her. She miraculously survived, and now lives in England. And, she’s still sixteen. There is so much wrong in the Middle East and so many names that are impossible to even pronounce let alone keep straight, and this teenager just nails it. She’s got the innocence and clear voice of exactly that, a sixteen year old, and yet she’s so mature and so articulate that I forget I’m reading words written by someone my own student’s age. I’m no language arts teacher but I’m pretty sure writing like this is not being handed in as essays here in jersey. Watch below, and then when she impresses the crap out of you, go buy the book


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