shot of champs

Shot of Champs 7It is widely agreed upon among family and friends close to me that champagne is my kryptonite. Which is just one more reason why I just love new years eve, really. The one time when you can bring a bottle or two of champagne, drink it all, and no ones wondering why it’s happening. Not to say I wouldn’t, or don’t, do exactly that at other times of the year as well but it’s nice every once in a while to have a break from the ever-present comments of “ooh you’re drinking champagne! fun – what are we celebrating?” Sometimes all you’re celebrating is that it’s Tuesday, and you made it through the day.

This new years eve we’re celebrating like its’s 2006 – literally. The crazy year when we all turned 21 and lost our minds on new years eve because omgwecangetintobarslikelegallynow! Since some of our [certifiably insane] friends are starting to have children, or considering thinking about starting to have children, we recognize that the era of crazy nights out dressed in head to toe glitter is probably nearing to an end. So we’re going out the only way we know how – in style. We’ve chosen one of the benny-est bars on the jersey shore and plan on beating that beat all the way into 2014. And since it’s the one day a year that the universe and I agree on champagne as the only acceptable drink to consume, I plan on doing so in all possible ways. Starting with champagne jello shots at the pregame party at a close friends. And don’t worry, there’s no judgement. Not when you agree to party like you’re 21 and still in college. Shot of Champs 3my version varies slightly from the above link – starting with replacing one packet of plain gelatin with strawberryShot of Champs 4 using one strawberry packet makes it a little sweeter, since who the hell eats plain geltain? ew. It also makes it pink, so that’s fun. Shot of Champs 5I decided I wanted my jello shots to be perfect squares and I don’t like them that thick [that’s what she said, i know] so I used an 8×8 cake pan instead of the recommended loaf panShot of Champs 6  this here is my plain gelatin jello shot. I didn’t like these as much but the strawberry ones take longer to chill than the plain and I wasn’t waiting around anymore. Cheers!


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