new years eve

2014There’s a moment of every new years eve that I find myself getting very reflective. Depending on the days plans, that moment can last awhile or end in exactly that, a moment. Today has been a bit insane with all the ever so important tasks I had to attend to – napping, straightening my hair, returning the 3 rejected glitter outfit choices. But I did take a moment to look back at last years new years resolutions posts [plural because there were two. I’m kind of a have your cake and eat it too type of person]. The first post made more traditional resolutions, which was comical in that I failed at every single one of them by january 2nd. On a totally side note, I’m actually a little impressed with myself about that one. Failed every single resolution by day two? That’s not exactly easy. The second post was a bit more vauge, in that it was one word: young. I’ve been spending a lot of time today reflecting on what I meant when I made that resolution and if I think I accomplished it. And way more importantly, what’s my word of 2014? Technically I have five words and I need them by tomorrow, so nothing like a little pressure. [if you have no idea what I’m talking about read last years post]. What will your five words be [or one word, if you’re super swag] for 2014? Please share!


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