being lazy > being productive

Polar…sometimes. Ok, mostly always. This weekend, though, was anything but lazy and it was such a huge relief. Husband and I had some major things hanging over our heads [that’s dramatic, nothing was actually major. More like they felt major because they’ve been on our to-do list for so long]. Christmas decorations are officially down, my old lease has been officially brought back to the dealer and Martin, my very proper English automobile, is in my life full time. We even managed a quick jaunt in the Atlantic for charity and a found time for a date day on our third day of the weekend yesterday. Date Day is a new 2014-esque thing for Jarred and I. It is a part of both of our individual words for 2014 [mine: adventure, his: activity, more on what this means here] and so far we love it. We set some basic ground rules for date day that came from needs we had in our relationship but we didn’t want our expectations to be so specific that we found ourselves limited. As of right now we have two rules: one, it is date DAY not date night. Dinner can be included in the date activities but it shouldn’t BE the date activities. Two, we alternate as activities coordinator. I planned January’s date day and he’s going to plan March’s [yes we’re aware that there’s a month in between there but we already scheduled a long ski weekend in February and literally every other weekend is filled so…we move on] We left around noon for lunch, went shopping for new ski’s for me before next month’s ski trip, and went bowling at the same bowling alley where we had our first date. Aside from the bowling, it wasn’t necessarily anything we wouldn’t normally do together but something about being on a date day and not just running errands made it feel just a little extra special. What traditions do you have with your significant other to spend some special time together? I’d love to know!Greek Bowl Mini


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