pull apart pizza

Pizza 6I’ve been doing some blog reorganization these past few days [mainly pinterest related – view my newly organized page!] and I noticed how, in comparison to other football seasons, I’ve maintained a eerily quiet voice on the blog this season. No wonder, considering this season was a disaster for my team. Despite that, I’m still excited for the Super Bowl in just a little over a week. Last year, I experimented with this dessert for Super Bowl Sunday but this year I’m forcing myself to leave my dessert-based comfort zone and experiment with some app’s. I’ve tried a number of appetizers lately, and you’ll notice not a single one of them has shown up on the blog. They were all epic fails. I’ve scaled back on my expectations with this one, taking a longtime game day staple and updating in a fun new way. It seems like that I can handle.

Pull Apart Pizza Bread

2 cans pizza crust, 2 cups mozzarella cheese, 1/3 cup olive oil, 1 package pepperoni (I cut up a whole link, I prefer this to the packaged pep), parmesan cheese, parsley flakes

Pizza 1best part, the only necessary item I didn’t already have: the pan [ps, made a last minute decision to sprinkle parsley + parmesan on top right before placing in oven]

Pizza 2advanced prep: grate cheese, quarter biscuits and pepperoni

Pizza 3Toss in medium bowl to evenly spread oil

Pizza 4Bake for 30 at 350, flip and enjoy!Pizza 5


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