roomApparently I am going through a really morbid phase right now, literature wise. I just finished this series about serial killers which translates to I basically haven’t slept in a little under a week. It was alright, nothing that’s going to show up here on the blog, but it was one of those books that regardless of the fact that it really wasn’t all that good, I just had to see the series to the end. Kind of like the twilight series – ugh. And yet I read every one. Anyway, then there’s this book. It’s told from the point of view of a small boy who is raised in Room, the only world he’s ever known. His mother was kidnapped as a young girl and had this boy, her son, in captivity [is that the word you use to describe human beings? I feel like only animals are in captivity but then what would you say this woman is? Whatever…we’re going with captivity. There’s a reason I don’t teach language arts] The boy loves Room – it’s his whole world. But his mother knows he needs more, and so does she, so she devises this escape plan. It’s an amazing story, and one that I proudly add to the very shortlist of books that require me to take a time out and “digest” once I’m finished. It took me days after finishing this one to even consider picking up another book. In life, we have to be careful what we wish for because we just might get it.

3 thoughts on “Room

  1. I read this book about 5 years ago. It was quite good, and inspired me to write a poem about it. I thought it was an interesting take on the topic, and was quite poignant at the time I read it as it was around the time Josef Fritzel (???) was arrested for imprisoning and abusing his daughter.

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