healthy(ish) enchiladas

Enchil 6Dinner was, hands down, the most difficult meal of the day for my husband and I when we first moved in together. Having lived with our parents for so long, we both had the same looks on our faces come 6:30 every night: hell-o? oven? you haven’t magically conjured dinner yet? He is clearly the more talented party in the kitchen, and yet the long hours he was spending at his job didn’t really allow him to be the executive chef in the household. I, on the other hand, was home every day by 3pm. Which means we ate a lot of taco’s. It took me a little while to get comfortable with anything more involved than browning turkey meat and even then, I didn’t venture too far away from my comfort zone. This recipe was the very first ‘real’ dinner I tried to cook for us and, almost a year later, it’s still one of our favorites.

Healthy(ish) Enchilada’s

corn tortilla’s (The original recipe I found called for enchilada size. I used the smaller ones, which just resulted in more enchilada’s), 1 lb ground turkey, 1 cup sweet corn, 4 cups shredded mexican blend cheese, 1-10oz can cream of chicken, 1  12 oz can of chicken broth, 3 tbsp flour, 3 tbsp butter, salt, pepper

Enchil 2Enchil 3brown meat in sauce pan, then create enchilada’s using meat, corn and half of the cheese.

Enchil 4fold and place in a baking pan, seam side down, and set aside

Enchil 7in a saucepan, melt butter, add flour and whisk into a paste. Then add the cream of chicken, chicken broth, salt and pepper

Enchil 5pour over enchilada’s in pan, top with remaining cheese, and bake for 25-30 at 350. Enjoy!


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