valentine pretzels

V 5My in-laws are having us over for valentine’s day dinner tonight. I’m not entirely convinced that valentine’s day is enough of a holiday to warrant a family dinner in its honor [and yes I’m aware valentines day is not for another three days. YOU try organizing a dinner with ten people, three of whom are teenagers, six of whom work full time, and do better] however my in-laws are fantastic cooks, and I am not, so they could decide to celebrate a holiday every Tuesday night and you wouldn’t hear any complaints from me. In my week long celebration of not being responsible for a meal tonight I completely forgotten [ignored] the fact that I am still responsible for something: wine, dessert, a good joke. I was brainstorming all day about what to make and it finally hit me on the way home. It’s quick to put together [30 minutes, tops] and embarrassingly inexpensive [a whopping $9.50] and, I’ll be honest, they came out way cuter than I expected. Best part is that it’s a great dessert to make with kids since it’s virtually foul-proof and can be easily adapted for any season/holiday – just buy different color sprinkles. V 1V 2V 3V 4


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