rolled sleeves, an art form

shirt 5This time is year is always a challenge – morning temperatures are in the 40s, 30s if mother nature is feeling particularly evil, yet by the time you walk out of work for lunch temperatures are in the 70’s. Layering is an obvious choice but to be honest, I hate carrying around extra clothes and am too often guilty of leaving a discarded cardigan in my classroom/back of my car/bottom of my work bag for weeks at a time (in fact, there’s an adorable and very expensive gray cardigan that I did NOT buy on sale shoved in my school bag as we speak. And I know it’s there but seeing as how it is upstairs and I am downstairs, it will remain there for another few days until I happen to remember this fact again.) It’s taken me years to perfect the art of the rolled sleeve. And I won’t lie, I’ve sneaked a few peeks and unrolled my fair share of sleeves at jcrew (in the name of “research”) to help me along. So here we have it – the art of rolling sleeves, with a special thank you to those who work at the Jersey Shore J.Crew outlet store, who I’m sure were forced to re-roll the sleeves left in my wake.

Shirt 2fold sleeve up, twice the length of the cuff

shirt 3roll up, so fold lines up with the bottom of cuff

shirt 4roll again, leaving the top of the cuff exposed at the top. Play around with it, muss it up a little bit – it shouldn’t look too perfect =)




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