be my bridesmaid? wedding wednesday week 1

BM 7All of a sudden it seems like everyone I come across is planning a wedding. Coworkers, friends of friends, the cashier at the craft store, everyone. I find myself saying that this is a “light year” for Jarred and I in terms of weddings…and yet we will attend three, and be actively involved in two, before we ring in 2015. As a result, I’ve been getting a bunch of questions lately about various choices I made and vendors I’ve used in the months leading up to my wedding so I decided to create a mini-series highlighting the key points. This week will focus on what was the first step in the process for me: asking my bridesmaids to be involved in my day. I know many people choose to wait until further along in the process before doing that, but I knew I wanted my girls to be my sounding board for all the crazy idea’s to come (who am I kidding – I NEEDED these girls!). I did a lot of pinterest research but ultimately came up with my own idea that was inspired by a number of random things (the quote on the front came from something I saw embroidered on a grave blanket, but whatever. Inspiration doesn’t discriminate)

BM 1First, I bought a few pieces of poster board and cut the board into a 5-inch wide piece. Then, I figured out how many pages I needed and multiplied that by 5. That’s how long the poster board needs to be. (For example, an 8 page book would be 5 inches wide and 40 inches long) I used this handy-dandy paper folder thing (that’s the technical term) to fold accordion-style every 5 inches.

BM 3BM 4I used burlap scrapbook paper to cover each page of the poster board. I bought this paper at a major discount but in hindsight, regular burlap would have probably worked just as well, and is cheaper than the full price scrapbook paper.

BM 6Here’s the statement I took from an embroidered grave blanket. For each girl I finished this sentence in a different way on each page, with a picture to represent the sentiment. My personality tends to lean more towards the sarcastic and humorous but I made sure to include more serious notes as well. For example, in my college roommate’s book I had one page that said “In you I have…a true partner in crime” and included a picture of us walking down the street with a street sign (don’t ask).

Finally, I tied each book closed with sparkly ribbon. My bridesmaids absolutely loved it – it was fun to relive some of those memories with each friend through pictures, and is a reminder of how special each and every one of them are to my life.

Next week: how I decided on my overall look [I’d say theme, but I despise that word in reference to a wedding]


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