don’t leave me

Sunset 3jhey, AUGUST, what the eff are you doing here?? Was I not just yesterday counting down the end of the school year which it seemed just could. not. come. soon. enough?? How is it that I have to gear up soon for another year? I keep looking at the august calendar, and all the white space and reminding myself that I do in fact still have an entire month left. A month is a long time – or so I try to make myself believe.

This summer has been our unofficial first summer in our new house. Unofficial because well…it’s really our second summer. But this time last year we were thisclose to our wedding, and both looking for new jobs…no, make that career paths. I wouldn’t recommend planning a wedding and a career change (x2, no less) at the same time to a single soul. I’m happy that this summer is far more relaxing, with many less tears and tantrums and many more mixed drinks and sunsets (a few of which are seen in this post. Seriously, just stop mother nature. It’s too much). We’ve spent some amazing weekends down at my parents beach house (rebuilt this summer post-sandy, hooray!), took a trip to DC to visit friends, celebrated the nuptials of a few friends (with more to come this fall – who doesn’t love wedding season?!) and crossed some house projects off the list (a workable guest bedroom, organized closet space for him, new bedroom decor for her — check, check and check!)

This fall/winter is already jam packed – MAJOR kitchen remodel, another trip to DC and a super exciting getaway over the holidays…does it sound like I’m trying to convince myself summer 2015 will be here before I know it? Thank god! But summer 2014 I’m not ready for you to be over yet. Please, don’t leave me. Please, no.

Sunset 2jSunset 1j


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